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WiPy 3.0

WiPy 3.0
WiPy 3.0
WiPy 3.0
WiPy 3.0
WiPy 3.0
WiPy 3.0
WiPy 3.0
WiPy 3.0
WiPy 3.0
WiPy 3.0

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WiPy 3.0

Model Number: WiPy-30
Our enterprise-grade IoT development board.

Micropython enabled, with a 1km WiFi range and Bluetooth capabilities. It works using a state-of-the-art Espressif ESP32 chipset and dual processsor.

Connecting via USB? Please purchase the Expansion Board 3.0, Pysense or Pytrack.
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Categories: Development Boards
Manufacturer: PyCom
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WiPy 3.0 is Pycom’s updated enterprise grade IOT development platform. The tiny MicroPython enabled WiFi & Bluetooth IoT development platform. With a 1KM WiFi range, state of the art Espressif ESP32 chipset and dual processor, the WiPy 3.0 is all about taking the Internet of Things to the next level.

We’ve written a powerful and intuitive Python API to take advantage of every feature of the hardware. The learning curve is minimal. Simply put, Pycom boards are all about Python and the internet, but with rocket fuel.

If you are purchasing the WiPy 3.0 and wish to connect via USB to your computer, you will also need to purchase either the Expansion Board 2.0, Pysense or Pytrack.


  • Powerful CPU, BLE and state of the art WiFi radio
  • 1KM WiFi range
  • MicroPython enabled, the Linux of IoT for fast deployment
  • Fits in a standard breadboard (with headers)
  • Ultra-low power usage: a fraction compared to other connected micro controllers


  • Espressif ESP32 chipset
  • Dual processor WiFi radio system on chip
  • Network processor handles the WiFi connectivity and the IPv6 stack
  • Main processor is entirely free to run the user application
  • An extra ULP-coprocessor that can monitor GPIOs, the ADC channels and control most of the internal peripherls during deep-sleep mode while only consuming 25uA


  • 2 x UART, 2 x sPI, I2C, I2S, micro SD card
  • Analog channels: 8_12 bit ADCs
  • Timers: 4_16 bit with PWM and input capture
  • DMA on all peripherals
  • GPIO: Up to 24


  • SHA, MD5, DES, AES


  • 802.11b/g/n 16mbps


  • Low energy and classic


  • Running at 32KHz


  • 3.3V to 5.5V
  • 3V3 output capable of sourcing up to 550mA

Security & Certifications

  • SSL/TLS support
  • WPA Enterprise security
  • CE 0700


  • RAM: 4MB
  • External flash: 8MB
  • Hardware floating point acceleration
  • Python multi-threading


  • 42mm x 20mm x 2.5mm (excluding headers)


  • 5g
  • 29g (Packaged)

Additional information

WeightDimensionsWeightDimensionsHardware Pin Format
0.050 kg
10 × 7 × 2.5 cm

0.05 g

45 x 25 x 12 mm

With Headers


Getting Started: Click Here

The datasheet of the WiPy3 is available as a PDF File

The pinout of the WiPy3 is available as a PDF File

Pycom WiPy3 information page 

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